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Companies around the world count on silicones to enhance their products and their bottom lines. See what working together can do for your business.

The power of silicone to improve our world is virtually unlimited.

Textures that Transform

See how Dow’s innovative hair care ingredients can create formulations with novel, transforming textures that excite consumers.

Building a Better Barrier

The industry’s first complete silicone air barrier system takes energy savings to the max.

Proven Silicone Release Coating Technology

Dow’s SYL-OFF™ brand silicone release coatings can help minimize surface penetration to enable coating of thinner and less refined paper.

Battery Power and Dow

Learn how silicone technology is enabling advanced automotive batteries. 

Multifunctional Solutions for a Brighter Clean

Explore Dow’s solutions for home care products that deliver multifunctional benefits to give consumers a brighter clean.

Quality. Comfort. Performance.

Expand your possibilities with our industry-leading range of liquid silicone rubber  elastomers. 

Who We Are

Since 1943, we've been exploring the potential of silicones to help solve some of the world’s most important challenges.

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We take our commitments to people and the planet seriously. Take a closer look at our sustainability, safety and quality achievements.

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News and Events

There’s always something exciting going on – from new solutions, to innovative materials in the pipeline, to our many conferences and trade show appearances.

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