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Rubber Fabrication

Molded SILASTIC(TM) fluorosilicone rubber parts, including O-rings, weatherseals, electronic connector insulators and sparkplug boots

Wide Range of Proven Materials and Customizable Choices

Explore Your Many Silicone Rubber Material Options

Dow Consumer Solutions offers more than 6,000 proven silicone elastomers that meet multiple performance requirements across a wide range of industrial and consumer markets. We also give you buying choices that enable you to meet changing needs for innovation, technical support, convenience and cost-control.

SILASTIC™ from Dow Consumer Solutions

Meeting your needs for innovation and development support

  • A reliable, global supply of high-performance silicone elastomers and liquid silicone rubbers for specialized applications 
  • 50 years of rubber compounding experience and fabrication expertise, plus local market knowledge 
  • Exact solutions to complex challenges 
  • Collaborative problem-solving and extensive technical support

XIAMETER™ from Dow Consumer Solutions

Silicones simplified

  • A reliable global supply of commonly used high consistency silicone rubber bases and compounds and liquid silicone rubbers 
  • Manufactured by Dow Consumer Solutions
  • Proven quality and reliable performance 
  • Sold online and through distributors at competitive, market-driven prices with limited technical support

High Consistency Silicone Rubber (HCR) Compounds – Ready-to-use, customized blends of silicone rubber base, fillers, modifiers, vulcanizing agents, and pigments, heat cured to form elastomeric components.

  • High performance 
  • Outstanding mechanical, electrical insulating properties 
  • Shortened development time 
  • Optimized manufacturing capabilities 
  • Processed by extrusion, injection molding, compression molding, calendering 

Fluorosilicone Rubber (FSR) Compounds – High-consistency ready-to-use, customized blends of fluorosilicone rubber base, fillers, modifiers, vulcanizing agents, and pigments, heat cured to form elastomeric components.

  • Superior extreme (low-high) temperature performance 
  • Ideal for prolonged immersion in fuels, oils, solvents, aggressive fluids 
  • Wide range of engineering properties 
  • Processed by extrusion, injection molding, compression molding, calendering

Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) – Two-part pumpable silicone materials that are mixed and rapidly heat-cured to form elastomeric components. Ideal for intricate designs manufactured in large, automated quantities, LSR can increase your processing efficiency.

  • Industrial and food contact formulations 
  • Excellent processing performance 
  • Fast cure rate 
  • Reduced cycle times 
  • Lower production costs 
  • Processed by liquid injection molding

Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubbers (F-LSR) – Fully fluorinated two-part pumpable silicone materials. F-LSR combines the performance of FSR with the processing benefits of an LSR.

  • Processed by liquid injection molding

Silicone Rubber Bases – Standard, high consistency, non-customizable materials offered for sale at the XIAMETER™ brand website; an economical choice for those who are able to purchase materials in large, bulk quantities, do not require technical or sales support, and have no special shipping requirements.

Primers – Dilute solutions of silane coupling agents and other active ingredients. To help you ensure optimal bonding of silicone rubbers, Dow Consumer Solutions can test your substrate.

Additives – To enhance processing and performance characteristics, such as viscosity, heat stability, and flame retardancy.

Meet More of Your Needs From a Single Supplier

Dow Consumer Solutions also offers a wide range of complementary products, such as lubrication materials, fluids, and sealants.

What Do You Need to Do?

Learn How the Unique Capabilities of Silicone Elastomers can Benefit Your Demanding Industrial and Consumer Applications.

  • Add Flexibility and Resilience: Twist, flex, bend, again and again
  • Deliver Fluids, Air, or Materials: Through heat, cold, pressure, fuel, oil, and chemical attack
  • Dynamic and Static Sealing: Achieve extreme performance, coupled with manufacturing flexibility
  • Electrical Insulation: Enhance weatherability and extend service life
  • Electrical Protection/Insulation: Seal out the environmental hazards and ensure reliable electrical connectivity
  • Seal Electrical systems: Seal out the harsh conditions of the engine compartment
  • Enhance Comfort, Texture, and Feel: Deliver comfort you can count on and materials that perform
  • Extend Service Life: Enhance weatherability. Extend service life
  • Improve Tactile Response: Enhance design flexibility and durable performance
  • Improve Temperature Resistance: Resist searing heat, freezing cold, and thermal shock
  • Maximize Cable Integrity and Safety: Insulate, protect, resist fire and flame
  • Meet Food-Contact Standards: Comply with regulations. Gain a performance edge. Expand your opportunities.
  • Reduce Noise, Vibration, and Harshness: Fine-tune your market offering, from quiet, luxurious ride to performance driving
  • Reduce Power Failures: Ensure grid performance. Reduce power loss

Rubber Fabrication Process

Material choices that help you optimize your manufacturing processes

Runner woman feet running on road closeup on shoe

Increase Your Manufacturing Efficiency

Fabricate with proven silicone elastomers from Dow Consumer Solutions. Based on more than 50 years of global rubber industry experience, silicone elastomers from Dow Consumer Solutions are designed to help you maximize process efficiency, from design to final product.

Dow Consumer Solutions also offers buying choices that can help you meet changing needs for innovation, technical support, convenience and cost-control.

Draw on Our Silicone Processing Experience

Extrusion – Continuously extruding uncured rubber through a die to form a desired, uniform, cross-sectional size and shape before curing.

  • Per part price varies by complication of extrusion 
  • Tooling cost varies by requirement requested
  • High production rates 
  • Short lead times 
  • Ideal for tubing rods, larger gaskets, seals, wire insulation, preforms for compression molding 
  • Used with High Consistency Rubber (HCR) and Fluorosilicone Rubber (FSR) 

Injection Molding – Extruding unvulcanized preform rubber through a cylinder into a closed heated mold.

  • Low per-part production price 
  • High production rates attainable 
  • Short molding cycles possible 
  • No preform preparation 
  • No trimming required with correct mold design 
  • Ideal for products requiring close dimensional tolerances, uniformity 
  • Used with HCR and FSR 

Liquid Injection Molding – Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injected into a closed, heated mold.

  • High production rates possible 
  • Automated processing 
  • Ideal for intricate designs, close-tolerance parts (e.g., keypads, connector seals, baby bottle nipples, etc.) 

Compression Molding – Placing preform rubber into a heated mold, and then into a press to allow the silicone elastomer to melt and fill the mold cavity.

  • Low to medium production rates 
  • Economical method for short runs and start-up production 
  • Short setup time 
  • Low waste with correct mold design 
  • Ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts 
  • Ideal for gaskets, seals, O-rings 
  • Used with HCR and FSR 

Calendering – Compressing silicone rubber in a multi-roll process to produce continuous sheeting.

  • Ideal as precursor for mandrel-wrapped hoses and ducts or to die-cut seals 
  • Can be coated onto fabrics or unsupported in very low coat weights/thicknesses 
  • Can be "cured in line" to provide continuous roll of solid or sponged sheeting 
  • Used with HCR and FSR compounds

Which Rubber Material Works Best for Your Fabrication Process?


(High Consistency Rubber)

(Liquid Silicone Rubber)

(Fluoro silicone Rubber)

(Fluoro Liquid Silicone Rubber)






Injection Molding





Compression Molding





Liquid Injection Molding










Get Exactly What You Need

Silastic and XIAMETER silicone rubber products can be tailored to specific performance and application requirements.

Learn more about the money-, time- and labor-saving benefits of customized silicone elastomers from Dow Consumer Solutions.