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DOWSIL™ 500W Additive

  • Overview

    Part of a family of silicone wetting agents for waterborne and radiation curable coatings, inks and overprint varnishes.

    Excellent Wetting Performance at Low Addition Levels

    Long Lasting Performance in High pH Binders


    Dow Consumer Solutions Introduces a Family of Superwetter Additives for High-Performance Water-Based and UV Cured Inks, Coatings and Overprint Varnishes:

    Power Up Your Coatings
    • DOWSIL™ 67 Additive 
    • DOWSIL™ 500W Additive 
    • DOWSIL™ 501W Additive 
    • DOWSIL™ 502W Additive

    Do you have difficulty achieving effective substrate wetting with your waterborne or UV cured formulations, particularly on challenging substrates like wood, plastic and metal? Have you tried other silicone additives, only to see undesirable effects on slip properties?

    With its range of functionalities and hydrophilicities, the new family of superwetter additives from Dow Consumer Solutions can be used in waterborne, solventborne and solventless radiation curable coatings. These additives can help you obtain the wetting performance you want for your formulation and substrate – and do so with little or no impact on slip properties.

    Advantages of Dow Consumer Solutions Superwetters

    • Wide range of products allows choice of exactly the right product for the application, allowing for cost-effective, optimum performance
    • Consistent wetting performance across a wide range of formulations and over a wide range of substrates
    • Can be used in both waterborne and UV cured paints, inks and coatings
    • Improve wetting of difficult substrates, such as wood, plastic and metalLittle or no impact on the coefficient of friction/slip properties
    • Recoatable100% active; low VOC, solvent-free and BTX-free
    • Effective at low addition levels (recommended 0.1 to 0.4% as supplied, based on total formulation)
    • Easy-to-use, low viscosity liquidsEnable minimization of raw material portfolio

    Making an Informed Choice of Superwetter

    Dow Consumer Solutions understands that every formulation is different. By providing more information about structure, end capping and hydrophilicity/HLB, Dow Consumer Solutions seeks to improve the quality of wetting additive choices. All four products in this DOWSIL™ Superwetter family are 100% silicone polyether copolymers and are characterized by being usable in both waterborne and UV coatings formulations, offering recoatability and a high level of consistency across different types of binders.

    In Addition:

    Products Silicone Polyether Copolymer (%) Viscosity HLB-EO* End Cap Suface Tension (aqueous 0.1 % solution)
    DOWSIL™ 67 Additive 100 31-51 11.5 OH 21.0
    DOWSIL™ 500W Additive  100 25.5-29.5 10.7 OAc 22.0
    DOWSIL™ 501W Additive 100 10-30 10.6 OMe 20.5
    DOWSIL™ 502W Additive 100 49-75 13.2 OH 22.4

    Key Features of DOWSIL 500W Additive

    Besides excellent wetting performance at low addition levels, DOWSIL 500W Additive provides long lasting performance in high pH binders.

    High Performance at Low Use Levels

    DOWSIL 67 Additive, DOWSIL 500W Additive, DOWSIL 501W Additive and DOWSIL 502W Additive provide excellent wetting performance at low addition levels with little or no influence on slip.

    Achieving excellent wetting without affecting slip properties is particularly important for wood floor coatings, and DOWSIL brand superwetter additives provide the necessary performance. In a waterborne PUD-based flooring coating, for example, all four additives provide excellent wetting performance versus competitive organic and silicone wetting additives over different substrates. The toolbox approach also enables formulators to choose the right product for a specific application, while at the same time reducing the number of products they must maintain in their raw material portfolios. The superior performance can be measured in multiple waterborne coatings by the surface appearance and coefficient of friction (Figures 1 and 2).

    Figure 1: Surface appearance and slip properties of a waterborne, PUD-based wood coating with the addition of DOWSIL 67 Additive, DOWSIL 500W Additive, DOWSIL501W Additive and DOWSIL 502W Additive. Additives were added at 0.2 weight percent in the total formulation.

    Graph: Surface appearance and slip properties of a waterborne, PUD-based wood coating with the addition of additives added at 0.2 weight percent in the total formulation

    Figure 2: Application over oily substrates is improved with the use of any of the products in the DOWSIL Superwetter family tested at 0.2 wt% addition levels in waterborne flexographic gravure ink.

    Graph: Application over oily substrates is improved with the use of any of the products in the superwetter family tested at 0.2 wt% addition levels in waterborne flexographic gravure ink

    Stable Wetting Performance at High pH

    The chemistry of silicone surfactants can often mean they are not stable in higher pH formulations and performance is lost during storage of the coating or ink.

    DOWSIL 500W Additive, however, is ideally suited for higher pH formulations and shows good wetting performance initially and on longer-term storage. Other additives show high surface tension at pH 11, indicating instability. With DOWSIL 500W Additive, surface tension remains consistently low.

    Figure 3: Stability of DOWSIL 500W Additive as demonstrated by dynamic surface tension stability over time in a pH 11 solution. Static surface tension remains consistent even after 1 month of storage.

    Graph: Stability of 500W Additive as demonstrated by dynamic surface tension stability over time in a pH 11 solution
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    Learn More

    DOWSIL™ Brand Superwetter Family Product Information Sheet


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